Screen Printing Products

NAZDAR 60015820CV UV Tamper Proof Clear

The 60015820CV UV Tamper Proof Clear was developed to be printed on polycarbonate labels used in security applications. Labels are generally printed sub surface on transparent film. In the event of tampering or attempts ...more

NAZDAR NSC17 and NSC18 A+ Chalk Board UV Screen Clear

NSC17 Clear and NSC18 Black A+ Chalk Board UV screen inks provide a matte surface that can be written on with chalk and erased.

Styrene, rigid vinyl, pressure sensitive viny ...more

NAZDAR NSC15 & NSC16 Signature UV Screen Ink

NSC15 UV Signature White and NSC16 UV Signature Clear are UV screen inks that provide a matte surface suitable for writing onto with most ball-point pens or permanent markers. NSC15 & NSC16 Signature inks are also used a ...more

OP3003 UV Release Coating

OP3003 UV Release Coating is designed to be used with most pressure sensitive adhesives for multi-layered construction of booklets, coupons and extended flap labels. The UV Release Coating has excellent rheology charact ...more

NAZDAR Waterbase Peelable Mask Screen Inks

60028546WB Waterbase Peelable Mask (clear) and 60035897WB Waterbase Peelable Mask (frosted) are water-soluble, screen-printable inks for use as a temporary protective coating on polycarbonate and coated metal substrates. ...more

NAZDAR 6100 Series Fast Dry Enamel Screen Ink

The 6100 Series Fast Dry Enamel Screen Ink is a solvent-based ink developed for use on flame-treated polyethylene containers, fiber drums and other hard-to-adhere-to surfaces. The 6100 Series has a built-in catalyst that ...more

NAZDAR ADE Series Epoxy Screen Ink

ADE Epoxy Screen Ink has been formulated with high quality epoxy resins for excellent adhesion to metals, glass and a wide range of hard-to-print substrates. ADE Series is ideal for electronic and industrial applications ...more